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“Committing to a lifetime of wellness is not a luxury–it’s a necessity. You’ll never have enough time; you have to make the time.”

– Oprah Winfrey –

My name is Emily Michelle Blue and CEO and Founder of this great non-profit organization, Total You Unlimited. I am also a journalist, educator, life and wellness coach, pageant queen, etc. (You can read more about me in my bio :)).

You can tell, as a young woman, I wear multiple hats but the most fulfilling hat I wear is the one called servant. Nothing brings me more joy than to assist others in any way I can. My passion and purpose is to help people become well from the inside out. It is often said that there can be no testimony without a test. I am able to help others because I myself know what it is like to struggle with becoming well in every area of life.

Total You Unlimited began as my pageant platform in 2010 when I entered the Texas Plus America Pageant. The platform, Wellness & Nutrition: Refining the Total You, was designed to raise awareness about the importance of wellness and nutrition for all individuals. Through this platform, I wanted to inspire others using my personal journey and testimony. Ultimately, the platform evolved and merged with other ideas that I had over the years. Thus, Total You Unlimited was born.

The intent of this blog is to inspire, challenge, and equip you in your daily lives. You will read entries from me and various writers that will empower and enrich you holistically. There are five areas of transformation that entries will focus on – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social/cultural. Entries will also help you unlock your full potential and discover who you truly are.

Please feel free to leave comments or give suggestions. All I ask is that you be positive and constructive. This is negative free zone :).

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